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The most efficient way of sending goods over the border

Your aspiration
You want to gain time in the logistics chain and are looking for advice on all the customs and tax formalities so that your goods can cross the border to the destination country without delay. You also want the freedom to decide whether you or your customer will pay the duty. You may wish to avoid being the importer of record and avoid complex registration and tax filing yet you wish the benefit of your shipping volumes and your customers to access the maximum permissible duty and tax free thresholds.

Our solution
We offer you professional support in entering new markets and will help you obtain official information and permits. From the outset this will eliminate any disadvantages compared with domestic companies. With our many years of advice on all customs and VAT issues, your goods will always be processed quickly and at minimum cost by the customs authorities.


• Advice on duty-exemption limits, tax rates and customs duties in the destination countries
• Advice on import regulations
• Useful sample documents (certificates of origin, commercial and pro forma invoices)
• Export clearance with export certificate
• Import clearance in the destination country
• Transit clearance for shipments from bonded warehouses
• Global customs clearance with import duties charged to the sender
• Customs drawback for returns

How you benefit

Detailed information and advice You benefit from always having the latest information, for example on duty-exemption limits. You will also receive professional advice on customs and VAT regulations in the destination countries.

You save time and money With our support you will have back most of that time you used to spend preparing for dispatch as you will always find the simplest customs clearance solution for your goods and your dispatch papers will be prepared quickly.


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